300g of fine sugared almonds, finely coated in chocolate.

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Assortment consists of:

Avola Almonds: Thin roasted Avola almonds covered in fine Milk Chocolate, coated with Icing Sugar to maintain the delicacy and sweetness typical of this almond variety.

Grape Berries: sultanas coated in a layer of high cocoa content milk chocolate for a sweet, rounded flavour. Cocoa nibs: cocoa nibs coated in extra dark chocolate.

Arabica grains: Arabica coffee beans covered in Extra Dark Chocolate. The best Arabica coffees, carefully selected and roasted, are processed in a bassina and combined with a fine layer of dark chocolate for a triumph of aromas.

Cranberry: Cranberry from Canada, prized for its therapeutic properties and rich in vitamin C, is coated with high-cocoa milk chocolate to maintain its sweetness and the typical taste of red fruits.

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