Strictly Italian durum wheat semolina pasta.

Bronze drawing.

Cooking time 8-10 mins.


500g package

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Claudio Sadler's Pasta is synonymous with passion, craftsmanship and tradition. Its vocation is high quality without compromise. This pasta has been chosen and made following a single and important objective: the quality obtained by selecting the best durum wheat, exclusively Italian, grown and harvested mainly in Abruzzo.

This is true Made in Italy: Italian raw material processed in Italy.

After being shaped by the dies, the pasta is dried in mobile chambers, slowly and at a low temperature (between 45° and 50°) for up to three days, depending on the shape, using the ancient "pre-carving" technique, so as not to alter the characteristics of the raw material and to respect the natural fermentation process.

Finally, the pasta is stretched to avoid stressing the protein network and to guarantee a perfect retention of the starches. This is the method that best respects the raw materials.

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